Extrusion Machines for Licorice Industry

Extrugroup is the world’s leading specialist in the engineering and manufacturing of extrusion machinery for the licorice industry.

For almost 40 years, Extrufood has been an expert in the development and refinement of extrusion and co-extrusion technology for the confectionery industry. Extrufood’s continuous production concepts enable them to design complete production lines, which are far more economical than traditional methods of production. Additionally, Extrufood lines occupy less space, require less energy and labor, are more hygienic, and provide larger quantities of the most stable, top quality products.

Extrufood production lines and their components provide unparalleled possibilities when it comes to our confectionery products. Just one extruder for example, enables us to create a stunning variety of colors, flavors, fillings, and coatings.

Their method of production has consistently resulted in the smallest achievable weight variations seen in the industry.

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